Thanks on the Heels of Unspeakable Loss

A friend who works in a hospital as a language interpreter tells a story that happened during the course of her work day.  It was her job to convey the message from the doctor that a mother's child had died.

Her child had died.

I basically would never be able to do that. I would have to resign. Ugly crying should not come from healthcare providers. It's just not professional.

Somehow the words came out. The mother fell to the ground. In prayer.

My friend, through tears, had the unbelievable obligation/opportunity to translate the woman’s prayer to the doctors.  There, on the floor of a hospital in a foreign land the grief-struck woman began her prayer of thanks to God for the time He gave her with that precious child.

This is a real story of a regular woman in a typical hospital enduring an unthinkable tragedy. What would that have looked like for you?  For me? This is convicting for a million reasons. Several things stand out.

Her first reaction was prayer.  I have a great many first reactions in my back pocket. Humor. Sarcasm. Avoidance. Anger.  This woman compels me to empty my pockets of other responses and cling to prayer.

The prayer was of thanksgiving. Ah this part... This makes me cry so as to make the rest of this difficult to write.  This is radical faith.  This is faith that impacts onlookers.

She prayed out loud.  We are not called to perform impressive prayers in public. That's not what matters.  The Lord is happy to hear our hearts and speak to us on isle 5 or while we fold our socks.  But wow.  To speak such personal words of thanksgiving out loud to a bunch of white coats you don't even know, that is memorable.  

There was no pausing to consider if people would find her odd.

If she was keeping the doctors from something more important.

If this display of faith would be offensive.

Nope.  Just prayer.  With abandon.

It is clear that this foreign woman in a random hospital was not unknown to the Lord.  I get the impression they were well acquainted.  Someone who instinctively reacts in this way does so because she has put in the precious hours rooting deep down.

I don't even wonder how this sister in Christ is today. 2 Corinthians says 'if we share abundantly in Christ's sufferings, we also share abundantly in His comfort.' I am so thankful for a God who comforts this fellow mother.

I'm praying today that our lives would have strong roots like this woman. I'm praying today for the dear friends who come to mind who have lost babies and the ones who want babies and have not yet had those prayers answered. He knows, sweet friend. He knows.