Maker #5: The Tragic Whale

I first heard about today's maker when I won a giveaway on a blog of any three items I wanted out of her shop.  Any THREE items!  Who does that?  It was so exiting.  I use them everyday and I am not just saying that to be nice.  Those of you who know me personally know I don't have that in me.  :)

Here are my bags:

The green one is what I take my small things to the gym in everyday, the "llamas in love" one is my bag of art supplies and the typewriter one is where I keep my "fun money" (provided I haven't spent it before I got it...) 

Kerry started making bags several years ago when the ones she bought at the store kept wearing out. She makes her own patterns for them and sells only items that she finds helpful in her everyday life.  She has clutches, pencil cases, makeup bags, coin purses and more!  She now uses re-purposed and organic fabrics as well.  

My favorite:

My favorite item in her shop right now is this cute little pink elephant number.  I'm not really a "pink girl" as a general rule but I think I would be able to make an exception for this.  

What I LOVE about these bags is they would be a super creative and practical way to package a smaller gift your giving (like a necklace or gift card).  You would be hailed in all the land as the best gift giver around.  You've always wanted that title, yes?

Find her here!

Facebook Page: The Tragic Whale

Etsy Shop: The Tragic Whale