Five Minute Friday: Tree


When I decide to read through Psalms I always start at the very beginning (Julia Andrews says it's "a very good place to start" after all). I will confess that I don't always get too far before I forget where exactly I was and end up having to...start at the very beginning.

The TREE prompt, then, naturally made me think of Psalm 1 because, well, me and Psalm 1 are pretty tight.

It says that if you delight in God and meditate on His word, you will be like a tree.  But not just any old tree.  It declares that you'll be as a tree that was fortunate enough to have been plopped down next to streams of water.

You will be a tree which yields fruit.  A tree without withered leaves.

A tree that prospers in whatever it does!

Wow. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.  Wouldn't mind that one bit.

At our cores, we all want to make a difference. We want lives characterized by some sort of inspiration. We want the projects we attempt to actually work. What this Psalm postulates is that reading the Bible will give us those things.

We'll get them not because God is a genie but because reading His word will reshape us in such a way that we will start heading toward the right things for us and leave the others behind. We will find more clarity and focus as we allow God to reshape and nourish us.

There just so happens to be a tree by a stream of water at the end of my road so hang on while I run take a picture of it...

Ok, I'm back.  Thanks for waiting.

The picture is not life-changing and the tree is not a giant redwood or anything but it's doing better here than it would in the Sahara.

Because it is by it's stream.  Let's do the same!


Five Minute Friday

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