Ways In Which Duct Tape Harms Society

I am participating in a blog hop called Remember the Time by Emily and Ashley.  This week's topic is "The Pool."

I attended a small college.  About 500 people.  Some girls and I decided it would be a good idea to have a prank war with some guys.  Our main plan was to just irritate and taunt.  Here is one of the taunting sessions:

dan being taunted.jpg

Little did we know, we were in some major trouble.  There are certain amounts of skill and strategy involved in pranking.  It is apparently more than just hassling people and being obnoxious.  We didn't know.  We were too busy being irritating to read Pranking for Dummies.

Here was one of our pranks that failed: numbing their mouths at dinner by putting Orajel on their silverware.  This was not effective.  We did learn during this attempt that our poker faces are nonexistent so it wasn't a total loss.

Another time, we got into their room and stole all their toilet paper.  No, we did not pick the lock.  We didn't have regular person skills much less MacGyver skills.  We got in because I was in leadership so I had a key to every door. That part is off the record.

We cleaned their room completely out of toilet paper.  We set up a table at the cafeteria entrance and gave the TP away to other students coming to dinner.  When you’re a poor college student living on your own for the first time, free toilet paper is pretty darn exciting.

We weren’t complete jerks though, we gave the boys credit.  We made a big sign that said, 'This toilet paper compliments of Dan and Jacob.'  Everyone hailed Dan and Jacob as thoughtful gentlemen.  Dan and Jacob were thoughtful. But it was mainly about how they would retaliate.

With our one good pranking idea in our past, we were pretty much sitting ducks.  We sat in the dorm and thought.  We Googled.  We got nothing.  We had no plan.  Like none.  The boys, however, apparently had some fruitful brainstorming sessions.

I was an RA for the girls.  I was also a drum major.  I hope my awesomeness is starting to sink in to you people.  All RA’s had shifts at a desk in the lobby of the dorm for when anyone needed anything.

My shifts mainly consisted of answering prank phone calls from my friends pretending to be foreign students in a panic about overflowing toilets.  They would send me running to rooms that didn’t exist armed with a plunger to save the day.  It wasn't my fault.  They were super good at accents.  But I digress…

One night on duty, the boys came over to my desk, duct taped me to my office chair, and rolled me out to the street in front of the dorm.  And left.  I had to sit there until a Good Samaritan came by and wheeled me back in.  Pretty good one, boys.

Another time, fliers that were not exactly flattering appeared on EVERY light pole around campus listing the top ten reasons we were going to lose the prank war.  Here were the classy head-shots they chose:

Then there was that time us girls had really let our mouths run about our big plans (which we did not have) and we emerged at the designated hour (midnight, of course) to “prank it out” or whatever. Our plan was basically to wear pantyhose on our heads and carry brooms.  That novel idea was the result of hours of scheming.  Shameful.

Not only had the boys enlisted other guys as undercover pranksters, they were all equipped with walkie-talkies.  Ugh.  The reason they had scheduled the show down at midnight, was because that was when the library closed and there would be a lot of people walking down the main sidewalk...where we had been duct taped to the light poles.  That one was pretty impressive actually.

The final prank involved our arms and legs being, once again, duct taped against our bodies and us being carried out to the pool area which was the courtyard for all the dorms.  They had taped red targets to us and were detailed enough in their planning to also tape glow sticks to us so the targets could be easily seen.  A nice touch I thought. 

Suddenly, all the lights on the boy's side of the dorm went out.  This was a concerning development. For the next several minutes the cocooned girls were pelted with water balloons from three different floors.  It was at that time our dorm mom, aka my boss, emerged from her house in her pajamas to cut us out of our cocoons and end the assault.  Ahem.  Sorry about that, Priscilla.

The result: we were nearly kicked out of the dorms...that we were in charge of.  All pranking ceased.

The girls may not have won the prank war by a landslide, but I'm thinking it was at least a tie.

Good game everyone.  Good game.