Well, I Do Declare!

I walked away from the Declare Conference richly blessed both with piles of new information about blogging and rich encouragement from some of the kindest women I have ever met.

Now you’re thinking, 'What would I possibly learn from your silly blogging conference?' 

Hold it.  I am about to lay out for you some information you NEED.  I paid for it and I’m giving it to you for free. But you are always welcome to send donations as you feel led...

Mary DeMuth told us we need to be genius makers.  As in make other people geniuses.  She challenged us to dignify people in our community with questions.  To be curious.  We are not the authorities on everything.

Jeff Goins really affected me when he said downplaying the gifts God has given us does not honor Him.  We must use them well and boldly say what we are.  He then went on to make us say out loud, “I am a writer!” It felt good.  We need not wait for man’s affirmation.  We already have the Lord’s.

He also said something I wrote on a note card and stuck to my laptop:

“I can’t control anyone else’s luck or skill but I can outlast those who are lucky and outwork those who are lazy.”

This is good news for me.

September McCarthy encouraged us to share our struggles openly so God can shine through.  That we have our stories and issues for a reason.  Some days I think I will lose my ever-loving-mind raising my two darling children.  She has TEN kids.  And she lives to tell the tale.  It is only prudent for us moms to listen to this woman.

She also mentioned that we need to train our own responses to our children's behaviors. That hit me hard because I would rather focus on training the kid’s responses than my own.  Thanks, September!

Jill Monaco is a dynamic speaker who impressed upon me of the importance of going at God’s pace and thanking Him for the situations that “freak me out” (to use clearly impressive writing vocabulary).  Being on the cusp of many large changes in her own life, she was able to share with passion and conviction.

My pace tends to be stuck on frantic and darting.  Oh, and unrealistic.  For example: I have written this blog for a whole three months and I’m STILL not Lysa Terkeurst or Jen Hatmaker.  Not a single conference has asked me to be the keynote speaker…to sum up: a total fail.

Can I ask you some questions and request that you actually pause and ponder at least ONE of them?

  • Whom in your circle could you dignify today with your curiosity? Ask them some questions.
  • What gift has God given you that you are in the habit of downplaying?  Say “I am a ______,” and then act like one.
  • What struggle could you share that would shine a light on God’s glory?  Tell it.
  • In what area of your life is your pace too slow?  Too fast?  Practice abiding in the right gear.