Five Minute Friday Fail

I gave it my best shot. I tried to just write for five minutes, publish and move on with my life.

I can't do it.  My donkey piece has plagued me for the past week.  I have added compulsive editor to my already lengthy list of character quirks.

I knew I had to redo it when my sweet husband even said, "That donkey one was kinda incoherent."

That was super cool to hear.

So (32 revisions later) here is what I was trying to say:

One of the sweetest parts of the Bible is that God allows for our questions.  Job asked a lot of questions to God.  Some fat, hairy questions.  And they were not even edited out before publishing.  That's amazing to me.

I try to edit several of my children's questions out of my mind.

"Mom, are you 100 years old?"

(while praying) "Lord, why does my mom keep making dinners that taste so bad?"

"All the step-moms in the fairy tales are mean.  Are you my step-mom?"

"Why does your bottom keep moving even after you stop walking?"

"Dad, if we lock mom out of the house would she get eaten by wolves?"

(At an antique car show) "Is that the kind of car you used to drive?"


The Lord is so patient with us.  Today, we are afforded the same unthinkable honor as Job.  We are invited to His throne with our honest questions.  The ones we would often rather not think about.  The ones that make us angry or uncomfortable.

Those were Job's kind of questions.  The why-is-my-family-dead-and-my-stuff-is-gone-and-I'm-covered-in-boils type of questions.

I don't know about you, but poor Job makes me feel pretty darn good about my present situation.

Regardless though, if we're honest, we still have some questions about a couple of unfortunate events in our lives. It's ok to ask Him.  He can handle it.

After you're done asking, however, know that you might well get some intense questions back -if you're willing to listen.  The Lord is gracious but He doesn't mess around.  He'll listen to our chats but He will eventually respond.

And it's best to pay attention.

And you should probably be sitting down.

Or laying on your face.

This is God's reply to Job after listening for some time:

Brace yourself like a man.  I will question you and you will answer me.

Who let the wild donkey go free?

Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation?

Who told the sea, 'This far you may come and no farther'?

Have you ever given orders to the morning?

Can you send lightning bolts on their way?

Job, the good fellow, responded in the only appropriate manner:

Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know.

My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.

An ant just crawled across my Bible.  I get it, Lord.  I'm small.  You know everything about everything and you've not missed a single event in the history of the universe.

And thank you for the very practical reminder that I've been needing to call the exterminator.

My hope is that today we would settle into the fact that there are simply some aspects of our circumstances which are too wonderful for us to understand.  And that's ok.

May our souls soak up Truths today which we have previously only heard with our ears.